We took a trip to Rexburg and while their Kiel and Randal decided that they wanted to completely shave their heads. Well, my poor, easily influenced (by family) husband gave into peer pressure and shaved his hair almost all off. ****This is a disclaimer: we love Kurtis' Family and the "peer pressure" remark is meant to be slightly humorous. Kurtis admires Stef, Randal, and Kiel so he wanted to do what they were doing.
4/24/2011 08:35:01 am

Sorry for the peer (family) pressure...

4/24/2011 10:15:09 am

I was saying that a little sarcastically. He loved it and needed a hair cut anyways. Besides, it was a fun adventure and funny as long as I was on the viewing end and not receiving end.


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