Here are Ken and E.J. Getting things ready.

Here are Kurtis and Randal.

While we were waiting for the turkey to be done, we all decided to go for a walk. while on the walk, Kurtis decided he needed a little rest, so he went out to the middle of the instersection and took a seat.

Later on down the way, Stef decided to practice her acrobatic skills and hung from a tree

After walking for a while longer, Kurtis melted into this puddle. Don't worry, he's back to normal now.

Also, Stef and E.J. decided to take a little spin around.

Later during our stay, Ken decided to show us his skills playing an insturment he picked up on his mission. In case you cannot see it, it looks like a multi-colored bow from a bow and arrow set. It was  pretty cool.

However, as you can see from the picture to the left, playing this instrument does have some temporary side effects. Play with Caution

Thanksgiving night Ken, E.J., Stef, Randal, Kurtis and I all painted Christmas ornaments

During our stay with them, Ken and E.J. took us out to eat at the Mayan Adventure.

Outside the entrance there are these dragons. Kurtis decided it would be fun to play in one. He didn't didn't think he would get eaten.

Thankfully the digestive system of the dragons is quick and not too harsh. Kurtis was just fine.

While waiting to be seated Stef and Randal began seriously thinking whether or not they wanted to go through the adventure of being digested as well.

Ken and E.J. decided that they would rather digest something rather being the digested somethings.

This is the table we sat at.

After our "Mayan Adventure" we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don't worry the Temple is not really up side down, it is just a reflection.

This picture the Nativity scene (Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus)on Temple Square.

Here is Kurtis making the world all a-glow.                       

Here I am.

Here is a luminary.

Our trademark pose.

On Saturday, Ken and E.J. took us to the Provo Temple.

Here is the Nativity in front of the Temple

Here is Kurtis again.

 And Here we are to tell you: "Thank you for joining us on our adventure with
the Flamms and the Clarks. Until next time.....Hasta La Pasta!"


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