Hola All!

So a lot of fun events have been happening since the last KK Moser family newsletter went out. The first one to be mentioned will explain why this is the KK Moser Family newsletter and not just the Moser Family (in reference to the Moser Children) newsletter. As many of you who are receiving this letter know, a little more than three weeks ago Mack Moser and Connie Jones became Mack and Connie Moser. They were married in the Washington D.C. Temple. (Beautiful Temple!)

Anyway, from the beginning. Kurtis and I found a ride down with a girl that goes to school with us and is in one of my classes this semester. (we didn't know her previously) And we stayed with my uncle Mike and aunt Teresa and my cousin Joel (their youngest son) for that day and most of the next day. The night we arrived at their house we had the opportunity to go and see one of my cousins play baseball. It was fun even though we unfortunately lost. : ( Then we watched Teresa's daycare children for an hour or so while she went and ran some errands. It was a GREAT deal of fun! (You can see why from the pictures included at the end of this letter. : ) ) So when Teresa got home she surprised us and gave us movie tickets to one of the theatres in town and the keys to her van. It was AWESOME! So we went to Ihop and had lunch and then we went and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth" 3D. It was cool. Then we went to DI (oh yeah, we went to see some of my daycare kids from when I lived with Mike and Teresa). Anyway, so later that night, midnight to be more precise, we flew out of the Salt Lake airport heading to JFK. Then we got on a plane a few hours later to go to Baltimore so that we could meet up with Kari and Nic and Elise (Kurtis' sister, brother-in-law, and niece). Our flight got in about four hours before theirs did so we found a place to sleep and wait.

Okay so I'll spare all of you the details of getting from the airport to the hotel (the renting a car and everything bit.) So we got to the hotel, waited for the rest of the Family, went ate dinner, went to bed, got up and got ready for the wedding, ate breakfast, went to the Temple, waited for everyone to get there, went in, attended the awesome possum, beautiful wedding ceremony, went out, got about a thousand pictures between everyone's cameras, got into the different vehicles, and drove back to West Rutland ,Vermont.

Saturday, the day after Mack and Connie's Wedding was a quite eventful one. Michael, one of Kurtis' little brothers got his Eagle Scout Award so we had his court of honor and then we also had Mack and Connie's wedding reception. Both were fun! Then Nic and Kari blessed their beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Carol Holland (Elise) in Sacrament meeting. After church (and before) we had family pictures.

The next week we spent with Mom and Dad Moser, Charisse, Bud, Logan, Spencer, Patrick, Drew, Kiel, Alyson, Tyler, Isaac, Vienna, and Ethan.( I love my husband so much that I kiss him all the time!!!) Guess who got a hold of my computer! ANYWAY, we rode bikes, played games, went on walks, gave Drew swirlies. He has officially been swirlified. Then when our week was up Mom and Dad Moser took us to the Golden Coral for lunch on the way to the airport in Albany, New York. Which was Awesome! Then we got on a plane and flew back to Salt Lake where Ken and E.J. (another one of Kurtis' little sisters and her husband) picked us up. We spent that weekend with Ken and E.J. We helped them a little bit with getting their house together. Their apartment is pretty nice. We canned some peaches and salsa with them. That was a blast. On Sunday we went to Church with them and they took us on a tour around BYU where they both go to school. It's cool! Then they took us back to the airport on Monday so we could catch our bus back to Rexburg, Idaho. When we got back we had a week to work, get the house organized, and do home work before school started. yeah. Then school started this last Monday, Sept. 8th. We have kind of crazy schedules but it's not too bad. So this last week has been "Another great [week] at BYU-Idaho." I work from 3 pm to 6ish pm Mon-Fri so most of the time Kurtis has to get dinner ready and he has been wonderful at doing it. On Tuesday I had to stay a little later at work so I called Kurtis to make sure he was alright making dinner. When I got home he was standing at the stove with a pink apron tied around his waist finishing up dinner. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom were clean and there was a very beautiful rose sitting on the table for me. What an awesome man I married!

Anyway, on Friday a group called Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband came and performed. Kurtis was the Technical director and the concert was awesome. So that's about all. In about 3 ½ hours we will be going over to Mack and Connie's house to have dinner with them, Stef and Randal, Kari, Nic, and Elise, and one of my old roommates and her husband. Well, until next time (and afterward) have a wonderful week.


Kurtis and Katrina Moser.



Back Row: Kiel, Mack, Kurtis, Spencer, Randal, Charisse, Nic, Dad Moser, Michael, Tyler and Ethan, Logan, Ken. Middle Row: Connie, Katrina, Stef, Kari and Elise, Mom Moser, Alyson and Vienna, E.J. Front Row and Center: Patrick, Drew, and Isaac.


Mack and Connie Moser         Kurtis at Ben and Jerry's in Waterbury Vermont            


Katrina at the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream      Both of us.



Us at the Joseph Smith Memorial


The Rose Kurtis bought me. This is the Reason why my aunt Teresa's Daycare was SO MUCH Fun!


Here is a video that Katrina sent me back when we were engaged. I thought it was cute and I would share it with you.