Here is a link to a Devotional I directed that has now been to BYU-Idaho's new online news magazine, "BYU-Idaho Magazine". I also am the the one who got most of these clip ready for streaming.


This is our new blog. I (Kurtis) messed up our blog a week ago trying to change it over to a "new" host and have now fixed it. We are in the process of putting all our old posts on and adding new ones.  Please be patient. We will also get things updated as well. Kurtis and Katrina Moser

So here we are on our one year anniversary, Sunday January 4, 2009. Before we talk about the day of our anniversary we MUST share a story with you. It starts with an event that took place back in early December. One morning I woke up to Kurtis moaning and groaning about his back hurting. After
about three hours of trying to comfort him with meds, back massages, making him soak in a warm bath, there was still no progress made in the direction of relief. So we ended up calling Stef and Randal and they came over at 3 am to pick up Kurtis and I and take him to the hospital. We were there for two hours and Kurtis ended up having to get a x-ray done. He had a 2 mm kidney stone. OUCH! This is considered a small one though so the doctor wasn't really too worried about it. He gave Kurtis some drugs (a pain killer and a drug to help him if the pain killer made him nauseous). He told Kurtis to drink 8 to 10 cups of water a day and to walk around if the pain starts to come back because that helps. So we went home and slept for a few hours and then we got up and went to Church. Well, here comes the fun part.

The day before our anniversary, Jan 3, we ended up going back to the hospital. But this time it was for me! I had gone temporarily blind. You see Kurtis wanted to give me something really special for our anniversary and he wanted to go on a date that we could always remember. Well, his gift ended up causing me to go blind. What was this CRAZY gift you ask? A blind date! What a CRAZY CHILD I married! It was great.
He blindfolded me and took me for a somewhat scary walk around icy Rexburg Idaho and we ended up eating lunch at the Madison Memorial Hospital. It was actually pretty good and it is definitely a date that we will remember, not to  mention it makes for a fun story! Me still unsure of where we were, where were going, and obviously still "blind".

Here is a picture of Kurtis at the hospital as we are sitting waiting for our order to be up.

So for our anniversary dinner we used our very fragile, very beautiful China ware that we were given for our wedding from Cliff and Claudia Whetton. (Thank you!) And we used the
candle that Charisse gave us for Christmas and a few other candles to make it a "candle light" dinner.

We made our own sparkling cider by mixing sprite and apple juice together and we had Kurtis' favorite meal, chicken enchiladas with homemade guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and peas. It lasted us three more meals.

For desert we had "Strawberry Whipped Sensation". It was good! This also lasted us a while because it was so rich and we would only eat a tiny portion at a time. Even after we had Stef, Randal, Kiel, Mack, and Connie over Monday night to help us eat this awesome desert, it still lasted us another three weeks!

After dinner and desert were over, Kurtis washed the dishes so that I would have a few minutes to call my family and talk to them. (We usually only get to call them on Sundays) After that we played games and then called it a night because Kurtis had to get up early the next morning to go to work.

All in All it was a wonderful, different, but definitely wonderful celebration of the end of our first year together and the beginning of our second and many, many more. So many that they cannot be counted. How blessed I am to have been able to marry such an amazing, awesome, wonderful man who has an amazing, awesome, wonderful family (just like mine is). But we are still yet more blessed because of the covenants and promises we made with our Heavenly Father almost thirteen months ago in one of His Holy Houses (see picture below) which allow us to be sealed for, not just this life, but for time and ALL ETERNITY.
Here is a picture of us on our wedding day in the Mesa AZ Temple Visitor's Center. We are standing in front of a statue of Christ (the Christus). You cannot see it in this picture but on the palms of His hands, His wrists, and His feet are marks representing the marks that the nails from His crucifixion left in those three places. The walls and ceiling of this room we are in are painted in representation of the creation of earth and the rest of the universe.

Here is Kurtis and I outside of the Temple.

This is the Mesa, AZ Temple. It is one of some 126? Temples around the world. For more
information on Temples and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you can go to or or you can call (801) 240-1000


The Tree was burned to begin with. Kurtis and I were invited to the 8th annual tree lighting ceremonies of the the Flamm family (Randal's Family). 

They take a tree and stick it in a snow bank and then..........LIGHT IT ON FIRE!!! It was super fun.

After the tree "lighting" we went inside and according to tradition, each of the grand children who are old enough performed a talent. Most of them sang and/or played piano. Stefanie is the piano teacher for a few of them. COOL. Then Stef and Randal got up and played a song they had be practicing. It was Awesome!

After the talents were shared the grandchildren got together and put on the Nativity story as you can see. There and some shepards, And some angels, a Mary and Joseph and a little baby Jesus.

After the fun and excitement at the Flamm's home. Kurtis and I went home and read the Christmas story and went to bed so that Santa could come. Here is our tree that we were given be an awesome girl who goes to school here.

Kurtis putting up our Christmas lights in the living room.


We woke up at about 9 am and we opened our stockings, got ready for the day, ate breakfast and THEN..............

We opened presents!

the candle that Charisse, Kurtis' younger sister sent us for Christmas. After we opened presents we called our families and talked for a while and then we went back over to the Flamm's home for games and lunch

We got a lot of snow Christmas Eve and morning so we spent some time shoveling. Here is Stefanie and most of Randal.

The Coooooolest Christmas Present!

For Christmas my Grandma gave some of my little cousins origami books and they and my brothers decided to put it to some good use.

So they made Kurtis about five or six new shirts...

and a nice new bow tie to wear to church.

I have a new diamond ring...

and we both have new hats now too.

They also sent us a lighter so we can cook our poor college student "Dinner-in a can". (Joking) and...

we have four or five different models airplanes and jets so we can fly anywhere in the world.

We also have a fortune teller so that we know where to and not to go and...

and a ninja star that we can throw and protect ourselves in case we get into any trouble.

They sent us $50 dollars worth of these awesome origami shapes. Each one except for the ninja star was made with a one dollar bill. That was fun to take to the bank. Anyway, there were other things as well in the box and we are VERY GRATEFUL for all the presents we got from everyone. It was a very Wonderful first Christmas together indeed. Stay tuned for more adventures with KURTIS AND KATRINA MOSER, THE CRAZY BUS KIDS! (that's our official super hero title, sshhh! don't let anyone else).


Well Kurtis and I graduated on Dec 12, 2008 Kurtis got his Bachelor's in Communications Emphasis in Broadcasting with a cluster in technical theater and two other areas. I received my Associates mostly so that I could walk with my husband and take pictures with him. Plus it looks good on a resume. Kiel let me borrow his cap and gown and Stefanie let Kurtis borrow her cap and gown. Aren't they awesome!

Kurtis ran camera two, also known as the Rameumptom, because everyone in the auditorium can see you and that is exactly why he ran that particular camera.

Here is a picture of the "Rameupmtom" before all the graduates came in. I sat in the the chair that has a paper on the back of the seat.

Kurtis and I as we are waiting to go back to the Auditorium and walk for our diplomas. If you look closely you can Stef and Kiel in the back right part of the picture.

While we are on the subject of Kiel and Stef, I thought you might like to see the above left picture of them in their "GROVE"! (See "Emperor's New Grove" for further understanding.)

Kurtis and Stef.

In come President Clark and President Uchtdorf. As you can see they blew us all away with their entrance.

Here is another picture with Stef and Kurtis but this time Kurtis' surpervisor/co-equal, Mike, is trying to steal the show. He is just sooooo EXCITED to be in a picture with Kurtis that he forgot to keep his eyes open for the picture.

iHere is a picture of the most michevious kids in all Rexburg.
And we're all together, WATCH OUT!
There is:Randal, Stef, Kurtis, Katrina, Kiel, Mack, and Connie.
Stef, Kurtis, Kiel, and Mack are all siblings in case you were wondering.
Anyway, YEAH!!! we graduated!

This widget has great music on it. To see the videos that go with it go to

Here are Ken and E.J. Getting things ready.

Here are Kurtis and Randal.

While we were waiting for the turkey to be done, we all decided to go for a walk. while on the walk, Kurtis decided he needed a little rest, so he went out to the middle of the instersection and took a seat.

Later on down the way, Stef decided to practice her acrobatic skills and hung from a tree

After walking for a while longer, Kurtis melted into this puddle. Don't worry, he's back to normal now.

Also, Stef and E.J. decided to take a little spin around.

Later during our stay, Ken decided to show us his skills playing an insturment he picked up on his mission. In case you cannot see it, it looks like a multi-colored bow from a bow and arrow set. It was  pretty cool.

However, as you can see from the picture to the left, playing this instrument does have some temporary side effects. Play with Caution

Thanksgiving night Ken, E.J., Stef, Randal, Kurtis and I all painted Christmas ornaments

During our stay with them, Ken and E.J. took us out to eat at the Mayan Adventure.

Outside the entrance there are these dragons. Kurtis decided it would be fun to play in one. He didn't didn't think he would get eaten.

Thankfully the digestive system of the dragons is quick and not too harsh. Kurtis was just fine.

While waiting to be seated Stef and Randal began seriously thinking whether or not they wanted to go through the adventure of being digested as well.

Ken and E.J. decided that they would rather digest something rather being the digested somethings.

This is the table we sat at.

After our "Mayan Adventure" we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don't worry the Temple is not really up side down, it is just a reflection.

This picture the Nativity scene (Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus)on Temple Square.

Here is Kurtis making the world all a-glow.                       

Here I am.

Here is a luminary.

Our trademark pose.

On Saturday, Ken and E.J. took us to the Provo Temple.

Here is the Nativity in front of the Temple

Here is Kurtis again.

 And Here we are to tell you: "Thank you for joining us on our adventure with
the Flamms and the Clarks. Until next time.....Hasta La Pasta!"

We were pranked! One night while we were on break for Thanksgiving I heard a weird noise while Kurtis and I were watching a movie. I figured it was just our neighbors moving their furniture back into their apartments after having played games together all day. But then I heard it again and decided to investigate. I soon realized that we had been pranked and someone had stuffed a ton of packing peanuts between some cut up trash bags and our door.  Two full garbage bags worth as you can see. We decided to leave it up for the night and the next morning when I went to clean it up I found a sign taped to the door saying “Shhhhh….. This will be our little secret.” Then in the middle of all the peanuts there was a hat which I am wearing in the above picture. Kurtis and I thought that it was Michael’s (Kurtis’ little brother) and that someone had brought it back out west with them for whatever reason. To try and figure out whose hat it was for sure, we decided to check out the blog spots of all the Moser kids out west. First one we checked was Stef and Randal Flamm’s blog spot and what a surprise! We found a ton of pictures with Randal wearing this same hat. We later found out that that hat being in the mix of packing peanuts was a complete oops! Stef and Randal knew nothing of it until they went home and tried to find it but could not. Fun Times!

So life here is just about the same as it was in the last newsletter. Kurtis and I are still very busy with school.

A couple weeks ago Kurtis and I went to a ward activity. It was a ward sleep over at the LLL Ranch, a ranch belonging to the grandfather of the Elder’s Quorum president. It was huge! The house held a good twenty couples about five of which had kids. We rode up to the ranch with one of my old roommates and her husband and ended up getting there a little “Late”, later than the rest of the ward but right in time for dinner.  We had pizza, chips, and soda. Yum! Yum! We all then proceeded to split up to play different games. Some played pool, some played gestures, some played some other game that was kind of like pool, some played ping pong, and the rest of us played “Wackie Six”. It was fun! After an hour and a half long round of wackie six, we decided it was time to hit the sack. There were almost enough couches and beds for each family to have a place to sleep. Kurtis and I found a wonderful spot underneath a table in a room with six other families. It was fun.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of people playing on the smaller zip line outside the room window and to the smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and milk. We ate breakfast and went in search of the bigger of the two zip lines on the property. 
Once we found it, my old roommate (Katherine) was the first to give it a try. Brave soul! 

Kathrine's husband, Kurtis, and I all went on it and then more people came up and joined the fun. The Luehr's (our next door neighbors) also, came up and joined the fun. Unfortunately for Sister Luehr, both times she attempted it she ended up with the seat under her armpits instead of under her bum. She was safe but I’m sure she got a good scare out of it.

We then decided to give to the little zip line a try. 

It was much more fun simply because it didn’t take so long to get on and off. 

We also decided to try out the two Huge slides. 

One was probably a 3 or 4 stories high. It was wet at the bottom at first which was good because it would slow us down so that we were not shooting of the end. Once it was dry however, we would lose friction and shoot off the end with a good lot of speed. In fact, Katherine’s husband Andrew flew off the end and almost did a full, backwards somersault in mid air. There was also a trampoline, basketball court, waterslide, play place, and a golf course. It was super, super fun. 

On the way home from the LLL Ranch we decided to eat lunch at Big Jud’s. (a burger place in Archer?) We split it four ways and then Kurtis and I split ours’ again and ate the rest for dinner that night. Not very healthy true, but also not often. This was only the second time in four years for me.

On Saturday for our date we went around campus and took pictures to help with Kurtis’ assignment for his Photography class. 

(Kurtis checked a couple of cameras out from the Library) It was fun! We hope to do it again soon.

Then on Sunday our stake president came and said to us in Sacrament meeting “We try to keep the number of families in a ward between 55 and 65. Your ward has 102 families.” This is just after our stake was reorganized. I knew he was going to split our ward and I also knew that we were going to be some of the ones to be moved to another ward. It turns out that we were moved into Stef and Randal’s ward. Katherine, who was my Relief Society president and who also was one of the one’s moved, told Kurtis and I later that we were either going to get moved into the 11th ward (Stef and Randal’s ward) or the 33rd  ward (Mack and Connie’s ward). So either way we would end up in a ward with family in it. Cool! So now we attend church from 1-4 pm in the other side of the church building. It’s fun though.

This last weekend was General Conference. (The semi-annual two day worldwide meeting mainly for all of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but everyone else is more than welcome to watch and listen.) We were going to go down to Salt Lake for it and Kurtis’ mission reunion but we just couldn’t get loose ends tied up well enough. It would have been a very stressful weekend. So, Stef and Randal invited us to go over to Ma and Pa Flamm’s house for conference. (Ma and Pa Flamm are Randal’s parents) It was fun. Yesterday Stef, Randal, Mack, Connie, Kurtis, and I were there for the first session ate lunch and about midway through the second session the rest of the Flamm family came home. (They were down in Utah for a roommate reunion among Sister Flamm’s old roommates, I think.) Then this morning Stef and Randal picked us up and took us back to the Flamm’s home for the last two sessions of Conference. Between the sessions we had a wonderful lunch/dinner. After it was all over we came back home and Kurtis is currently talking to Mom Moser. Today was also Michael Moser’s birthday. He is now 18! Happy Birthday Michael!

One last little note. I don’t know if any of you know about Prop. 8, if you do just hang tight. I went to a meeting last night that talked about proposition 8 which makes the wording in the California constitution specify that marriage is to take place between a MAN and a WOMAN. Not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Anyway, there are a lot of religious organizations and other organizations trying to do everything possible to get Prop 8 passed. If it fails some of the repercussions could include (this first one is almost, if not, a definite) the introduction to school curriculum that “equality” of traditional marriage and homosexual marriage. This means the children who attend school in California will be talk that it is just as good to be raised by parents who are both men or both women as it is to be raised by a mother and a father. It means that they will be taught that marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is just as wonderful as marriage between a man and a woman. Another consequence is that of the possibility for churches being sued over their tax exempt status if they refuse to marry a gay couple. A third concern is that religious adoption agencies who only allow adoption to happen in home where there is a mother and a father will be challenged. This last one has already happened in Boston, Mass. Catholic charities shut their doors rather than allowing a child to go into a home where a “family” consists of two men or two women as the parents.

This is all taking place in California so you may be wondering why I am sending this information to all of you since few if any of you can vote as a California citizen. There are two reasons. The firs: I am sending it because you can help. There are websites (,, and ). You can get on these websites and learn more. You can forward them and information on the importance of a traditional family (The Family: A proclamation to the World, it’s on the last page if you would like to read it) and any other material that you know of on the family to those you know who can vote in California. You can call friends and family who know someone or live in California and share your love and testimony about the importance of the traditional family. You can post links and talks on your web pages and blog spots.

There second reason is: just because this is happening in California, that does not mean that the effects are just in California. Examples: 1. If children are taught that marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is acceptable and just as wonder, fulfilling, divinely appointed, as marriage between a man and a woman they will feel no wrong in spreading this feeling. They may grow up to teach their children and their friend’s children this. People who have problems with homosexual relations are still very kind, wonderful people but there are roles that our Heavenly Father has given each of us depending upon our gender. No man can do everything a man and woman can do to the same degree. He cannot accomplish all the roles of a woman, wife, mother. The same is true for women. No women can do all that a woman and man can do. We, as different genders, think and act differently for a reason! Heavenly Father made man and woman different so that we could learn to be one and receive the greatest joys and blessings. There is no relationship in the world so wonderful as that of Husband and Wife. Those that live in California will not stay in California and those that live outside of California may not stay outside of California and we don’t want them to. California is a wonderful place full of wonderful people and they can bless our lives with different viewpoints and ideas but when those view points and ideas go against to doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they no longer bless our lives. No action or motion goes without a ripple effect, affecting many, many people.

There is just one caution. If you do decide to help, we have been counseled to do so with love, humility, and compassion, try not to be overbearing or offensive, and keep in mind that Heavenly loves the people not the actions. We are all His children whatever our trials and choices and we all deserve love, respect, and compassion. We are taught in Proverbs 15:1 “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger”.
Anyway, so that’s all that’s been going on. Have a wonderful week or two or four! May

God Bless you!
Kurtis and Katrina Moser


So a lot of fun events have been happening since the last KK Moser family newsletter went out. The first one to be mentioned will explain why this is the KK Moser Family newsletter and not just the Moser Family (in reference to the Moser Children) newsletter. As many of you who are receiving this letter know, a little more than three weeks ago Mack Moser and Connie Jones became Mack and Connie Moser. They were married in the Washington D.C. Temple. (Beautiful Temple!)

Anyway, from the beginning. Kurtis and I found a ride down with a girl that goes to school with us and is in one of my classes this semester. (we didn't know her previously) And we stayed with my uncle Mike and aunt Teresa and my cousin Joel (their youngest son) for that day and most of the next day. The night we arrived at their house we had the opportunity to go and see one of my cousins play baseball. It was fun even though we unfortunately lost. : ( Then we watched Teresa's daycare children for an hour or so while she went and ran some errands. It was a GREAT deal of fun! (You can see why from the pictures included at the end of this letter. : ) ) So when Teresa got home she surprised us and gave us movie tickets to one of the theatres in town and the keys to her van. It was AWESOME! So we went to Ihop and had lunch and then we went and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth" 3D. It was cool. Then we went to DI (oh yeah, we went to see some of my daycare kids from when I lived with Mike and Teresa). Anyway, so later that night, midnight to be more precise, we flew out of the Salt Lake airport heading to JFK. Then we got on a plane a few hours later to go to Baltimore so that we could meet up with Kari and Nic and Elise (Kurtis' sister, brother-in-law, and niece). Our flight got in about four hours before theirs did so we found a place to sleep and wait.

Okay so I'll spare all of you the details of getting from the airport to the hotel (the renting a car and everything bit.) So we got to the hotel, waited for the rest of the Family, went ate dinner, went to bed, got up and got ready for the wedding, ate breakfast, went to the Temple, waited for everyone to get there, went in, attended the awesome possum, beautiful wedding ceremony, went out, got about a thousand pictures between everyone's cameras, got into the different vehicles, and drove back to West Rutland ,Vermont.

Saturday, the day after Mack and Connie's Wedding was a quite eventful one. Michael, one of Kurtis' little brothers got his Eagle Scout Award so we had his court of honor and then we also had Mack and Connie's wedding reception. Both were fun! Then Nic and Kari blessed their beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Carol Holland (Elise) in Sacrament meeting. After church (and before) we had family pictures.

The next week we spent with Mom and Dad Moser, Charisse, Bud, Logan, Spencer, Patrick, Drew, Kiel, Alyson, Tyler, Isaac, Vienna, and Ethan.( I love my husband so much that I kiss him all the time!!!) Guess who got a hold of my computer! ANYWAY, we rode bikes, played games, went on walks, gave Drew swirlies. He has officially been swirlified. Then when our week was up Mom and Dad Moser took us to the Golden Coral for lunch on the way to the airport in Albany, New York. Which was Awesome! Then we got on a plane and flew back to Salt Lake where Ken and E.J. (another one of Kurtis' little sisters and her husband) picked us up. We spent that weekend with Ken and E.J. We helped them a little bit with getting their house together. Their apartment is pretty nice. We canned some peaches and salsa with them. That was a blast. On Sunday we went to Church with them and they took us on a tour around BYU where they both go to school. It's cool! Then they took us back to the airport on Monday so we could catch our bus back to Rexburg, Idaho. When we got back we had a week to work, get the house organized, and do home work before school started. yeah. Then school started this last Monday, Sept. 8th. We have kind of crazy schedules but it's not too bad. So this last week has been "Another great [week] at BYU-Idaho." I work from 3 pm to 6ish pm Mon-Fri so most of the time Kurtis has to get dinner ready and he has been wonderful at doing it. On Tuesday I had to stay a little later at work so I called Kurtis to make sure he was alright making dinner. When I got home he was standing at the stove with a pink apron tied around his waist finishing up dinner. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom were clean and there was a very beautiful rose sitting on the table for me. What an awesome man I married!

Anyway, on Friday a group called Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband came and performed. Kurtis was the Technical director and the concert was awesome. So that's about all. In about 3 ½ hours we will be going over to Mack and Connie's house to have dinner with them, Stef and Randal, Kari, Nic, and Elise, and one of my old roommates and her husband. Well, until next time (and afterward) have a wonderful week.


Kurtis and Katrina Moser.


Back Row: Kiel, Mack, Kurtis, Spencer, Randal, Charisse, Nic, Dad Moser, Michael, Tyler and Ethan, Logan, Ken. Middle Row: Connie, Katrina, Stef, Kari and Elise, Mom Moser, Alyson and Vienna, E.J. Front Row and Center: Patrick, Drew, and Isaac.

 Mack and Connie Moser

Kurtis at Ben and Jerry's in Waterbury Vermont

Both of us.

Katrina at the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Graveyard

Us at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, vermont

The Rose Kurtis bought me.

This is the Reason why my aunt Teresa's Daycare was SO MUCH Fun!