We were pranked! One night while we were on break for Thanksgiving I heard a weird noise while Kurtis and I were watching a movie. I figured it was just our neighbors moving their furniture back into their apartments after having played games together all day. But then I heard it again and decided to investigate. I soon realized that we had been pranked and someone had stuffed a ton of packing peanuts between some cut up trash bags and our door.  Two full garbage bags worth as you can see. We decided to leave it up for the night and the next morning when I went to clean it up I found a sign taped to the door saying “Shhhhh….. This will be our little secret.” Then in the middle of all the peanuts there was a hat which I am wearing in the above picture. Kurtis and I thought that it was Michael’s (Kurtis’ little brother) and that someone had brought it back out west with them for whatever reason. To try and figure out whose hat it was for sure, we decided to check out the blog spots of all the Moser kids out west. First one we checked was Stef and Randal Flamm’s blog spot and what a surprise! We found a ton of pictures with Randal wearing this same hat. We later found out that that hat being in the mix of packing peanuts was a complete oops! Stef and Randal knew nothing of it until they went home and tried to find it but could not. Fun Times!


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