Well, let's see, for Thanksgiving we were unable to go anywhere so a wonderful family in our ward invited us to share Thanksgiving with them. They were/are really very generous and wonderful. We had a ton of fun and learned how to make some very yummy pies and what not to do when making pie crust. : ) Then on Saturday, the Hollands stopped by to say hi on their way back to their home after visiting with family for Thanksgiving. It was nice to see them. Elise is so smart and talking so much now it is fun to just listen to her. What good parents Nic and Kari are and what good parents they have!

A couple of weeks ago was the Festival of Lights here. The city or different organizations in the city try to put this on each year. Santa was there as well. In this picture Kurtis is trying to convince Santa that he really does deserve a little more than coal this year. Needless to say, Santa is not buying it! Poor Kurty!

Here are some of the pictures from the Festival of lights.

12/15/2010 13:29

You need some pictures in your office. Don't worry I will send you one of me.


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