This is our new blog. I (Kurtis) messed up our blog a week ago trying to change it over to a "new" host and have now fixed it. We are in the process of putting all our old posts on and adding new ones.  Please be patient. We will also get things updated as well. Kurtis and Katrina Moser


03/14/2009 11:15

That is amazing.

Randal Flamm
04/16/2009 14:55

I am also amazing. So go view our blog.

04/22/2009 19:54

You may have to explain this one to me.

05/01/2009 19:09

Hey guys!! I recently found your blog through Kiel's... or maybe it was Kari's... or Stef's.... hmm, I don't remember. Anywho, it's fun reading all about what you've been up to!!


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