So life here is just about the same as it was in the last newsletter. Kurtis and I are still very busy with school.

A couple weeks ago Kurtis and I went to a ward activity. It was a ward sleep over at the LLL Ranch, a ranch belonging to the grandfather of the Elder’s Quorum president. It was huge! The house held a good twenty couples about five of which had kids. We rode up to the ranch with one of my old roommates and her husband and ended up getting there a little “Late”, later than the rest of the ward but right in time for dinner.  We had pizza, chips, and soda. Yum! Yum! We all then proceeded to split up to play different games. Some played pool, some played gestures, some played some other game that was kind of like pool, some played ping pong, and the rest of us played “Wackie Six”. It was fun! After an hour and a half long round of wackie six, we decided it was time to hit the sack. There were almost enough couches and beds for each family to have a place to sleep. Kurtis and I found a wonderful spot underneath a table in a room with six other families. It was fun.

The next morning we woke up to the sound of people playing on the smaller zip line outside the room window and to the smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and milk. We ate breakfast and went in search of the bigger of the two zip lines on the property. 
Once we found it, my old roommate (Katherine) was the first to give it a try. Brave soul! 

Kathrine's husband, Kurtis, and I all went on it and then more people came up and joined the fun. The Luehr's (our next door neighbors) also, came up and joined the fun. Unfortunately for Sister Luehr, both times she attempted it she ended up with the seat under her armpits instead of under her bum. She was safe but I’m sure she got a good scare out of it.

We then decided to give to the little zip line a try. 

It was much more fun simply because it didn’t take so long to get on and off. 

We also decided to try out the two Huge slides. 

One was probably a 3 or 4 stories high. It was wet at the bottom at first which was good because it would slow us down so that we were not shooting of the end. Once it was dry however, we would lose friction and shoot off the end with a good lot of speed. In fact, Katherine’s husband Andrew flew off the end and almost did a full, backwards somersault in mid air. There was also a trampoline, basketball court, waterslide, play place, and a golf course. It was super, super fun. 

On the way home from the LLL Ranch we decided to eat lunch at Big Jud’s. (a burger place in Archer?) We split it four ways and then Kurtis and I split ours’ again and ate the rest for dinner that night. Not very healthy true, but also not often. This was only the second time in four years for me.

On Saturday for our date we went around campus and took pictures to help with Kurtis’ assignment for his Photography class. 

(Kurtis checked a couple of cameras out from the Library) It was fun! We hope to do it again soon.

Then on Sunday our stake president came and said to us in Sacrament meeting “We try to keep the number of families in a ward between 55 and 65. Your ward has 102 families.” This is just after our stake was reorganized. I knew he was going to split our ward and I also knew that we were going to be some of the ones to be moved to another ward. It turns out that we were moved into Stef and Randal’s ward. Katherine, who was my Relief Society president and who also was one of the one’s moved, told Kurtis and I later that we were either going to get moved into the 11th ward (Stef and Randal’s ward) or the 33rd  ward (Mack and Connie’s ward). So either way we would end up in a ward with family in it. Cool! So now we attend church from 1-4 pm in the other side of the church building. It’s fun though.

This last weekend was General Conference. (The semi-annual two day worldwide meeting mainly for all of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but everyone else is more than welcome to watch and listen.) We were going to go down to Salt Lake for it and Kurtis’ mission reunion but we just couldn’t get loose ends tied up well enough. It would have been a very stressful weekend. So, Stef and Randal invited us to go over to Ma and Pa Flamm’s house for conference. (Ma and Pa Flamm are Randal’s parents) It was fun. Yesterday Stef, Randal, Mack, Connie, Kurtis, and I were there for the first session ate lunch and about midway through the second session the rest of the Flamm family came home. (They were down in Utah for a roommate reunion among Sister Flamm’s old roommates, I think.) Then this morning Stef and Randal picked us up and took us back to the Flamm’s home for the last two sessions of Conference. Between the sessions we had a wonderful lunch/dinner. After it was all over we came back home and Kurtis is currently talking to Mom Moser. Today was also Michael Moser’s birthday. He is now 18! Happy Birthday Michael!

One last little note. I don’t know if any of you know about Prop. 8, if you do just hang tight. I went to a meeting last night that talked about proposition 8 which makes the wording in the California constitution specify that marriage is to take place between a MAN and a WOMAN. Not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Anyway, there are a lot of religious organizations and other organizations trying to do everything possible to get Prop 8 passed. If it fails some of the repercussions could include (this first one is almost, if not, a definite) the introduction to school curriculum that “equality” of traditional marriage and homosexual marriage. This means the children who attend school in California will be talk that it is just as good to be raised by parents who are both men or both women as it is to be raised by a mother and a father. It means that they will be taught that marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is just as wonderful as marriage between a man and a woman. Another consequence is that of the possibility for churches being sued over their tax exempt status if they refuse to marry a gay couple. A third concern is that religious adoption agencies who only allow adoption to happen in home where there is a mother and a father will be challenged. This last one has already happened in Boston, Mass. Catholic charities shut their doors rather than allowing a child to go into a home where a “family” consists of two men or two women as the parents.

This is all taking place in California so you may be wondering why I am sending this information to all of you since few if any of you can vote as a California citizen. There are two reasons. The firs: I am sending it because you can help. There are websites (,, and ). You can get on these websites and learn more. You can forward them and information on the importance of a traditional family (The Family: A proclamation to the World, it’s on the last page if you would like to read it) and any other material that you know of on the family to those you know who can vote in California. You can call friends and family who know someone or live in California and share your love and testimony about the importance of the traditional family. You can post links and talks on your web pages and blog spots.

There second reason is: just because this is happening in California, that does not mean that the effects are just in California. Examples: 1. If children are taught that marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is acceptable and just as wonder, fulfilling, divinely appointed, as marriage between a man and a woman they will feel no wrong in spreading this feeling. They may grow up to teach their children and their friend’s children this. People who have problems with homosexual relations are still very kind, wonderful people but there are roles that our Heavenly Father has given each of us depending upon our gender. No man can do everything a man and woman can do to the same degree. He cannot accomplish all the roles of a woman, wife, mother. The same is true for women. No women can do all that a woman and man can do. We, as different genders, think and act differently for a reason! Heavenly Father made man and woman different so that we could learn to be one and receive the greatest joys and blessings. There is no relationship in the world so wonderful as that of Husband and Wife. Those that live in California will not stay in California and those that live outside of California may not stay outside of California and we don’t want them to. California is a wonderful place full of wonderful people and they can bless our lives with different viewpoints and ideas but when those view points and ideas go against to doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they no longer bless our lives. No action or motion goes without a ripple effect, affecting many, many people.

There is just one caution. If you do decide to help, we have been counseled to do so with love, humility, and compassion, try not to be overbearing or offensive, and keep in mind that Heavenly loves the people not the actions. We are all His children whatever our trials and choices and we all deserve love, respect, and compassion. We are taught in Proverbs 15:1 “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger”.
Anyway, so that’s all that’s been going on. Have a wonderful week or two or four! May

God Bless you!
Kurtis and Katrina Moser


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