The weekend after we went to Stef and Randal's house, they and Kiel came to our house for Conference weekend. Here are some pictures from that adventure.
We had a great deal of fun at the Zoo and we want to go back to take more pictures in the not too distant future. (Our camera batteries died before we had made it 3/4 of the way through the zoo). Luckily, neither Kurtis nor I were eaten by the lions or tigers or bears...Oh! My!.
More pictures to come.
 We took a trip to Rexburg and while their Kiel and Randal decided that they wanted to completely shave their heads. Well, my poor, easily influenced (by family) husband gave into peer pressure and shaved his hair almost all off. ****This is a disclaimer: we love Kurtis' Family and the "peer pressure" remark is meant to be slightly humorous. Kurtis admires Stef, Randal, and Kiel so he wanted to do what they were doing.